How do I place an order on the new website?

To place a new order you need to first register an account and enter your billing address and other finance details in "Account Settings" in the "Dashboard" menu. You will also find "Order Product" in the "Dashboard" menu which you can use to place orders.

How do I track my orders?

You now have the ability to track the status of your order under "View Order Status" in your "Dashboard". This will allow you to see when samples have arrived, when they are sequencing and when they are completed (or need repeating). You will also find a link there to your results once we have finished processing your samples.

How can I purchase and keep track of prepaid credit?

You are now able to purchase virtual credit linked to your account. You can top up the Virtual Credit using the "Virtual Credit Card" page in your dashboard. This page will also show your current balance.

It's annoying to have a single account for a lab, but how else can I share prepaid credit with other users in my lab?

You will notice on the "Virtual Credit Card" page that there is a section with "Linked Accounts". Here you can specify which accounts you would like to link to a main account and share the prepaid credit with others. The main user can then monitor the usage of their lab/company on the "View Order Status" page.

My company/lab sends many samples, can we discuss bulk pricing?

Yes of course, please send us an email ( to discuss custom pricing. Custom pricing will automatically be visible when you place orders using the "Order Product" page.